Friday, September 10, 2010

Shakti Centre for Integrated Spiritual and Social Transformation

Kavita is currently involved in a project to create a spiritual sanctuary and international center for research, healing, creative expression and social change, helping to bring the values and wisdom of the feminine into contemporary spirituality and society. The proposal for the project, called the Shakti Centre, has recently been revised to reflect an increased focus on evolutionary spirituality, with the resurgence of the feminine as an essential part of that. Here is the vision as it now stands:

   Shakti Centre

For Integrated Spiritual and Social Transformation


The Shakti Centre is envisioned as a living community and learning centre for integrated spiritual and social transformation, effecting both inner and global healing from a fulcrum of deep spiritual realization of our interconnection and unity with each other and all of creation. Recognizing our Oneness with the unified field of Consciousness that gives rise to all that is, we seek both to deepen our connection with its eternal Essence and actively co-create with it in its evolving expressions, helping to shape the future of humanity and the planet at this critical time of quantum transformation.

The centre would explore and develop a much-needed new spiritual path that integrates spiritual realization with personal and planetary healing. We believe that the inner and outer levels – spiritual, psychological, social and environmental – need to be addressed in a unified context, both conceptually and in practice, in order for any truly effective evolutionary transformation, especially of the degree that is called for today, to gain ground. To this end, we would draw upon ancient spiritual traditions as well as scientific and whole-systems socio-economic and ecological perspectives, all of which have essential elements to contribute to this work. Another central aim of our work is to foster more feminine, interconnective values in the collective consciousness as a whole, and more women’s co-creative leadership in spirituality and society; we see this as an intrinsic part of the shift to a higher, more balanced evolutionary consciousness.